Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service Free?

Yes, YoutubesMP3 is 100% free.

YoutubesMP3 converts YouTube and other FLV videos to mp3 files for free. We are capable of doing this by showing advertisement during your visit, we would love if you could support us and the advertisers :)

How long does it take to convert a video?

It depends on many factors. But you should take in consideration that video length and audio quality are the most important factors on the conversions. An average 4 minutes video is converted in 2 minutes.

My video is taking more than 2 minutes to convert, what's going on?

Sometimes we have so many people converting videos that you will be the last in the queue. The only possible way to make the conversion fast is downloading our software and not using our web interface

Is this site illegal?

No. Our platform is legal. Please get acquainted with our terms.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely, use the contact form to submit any question or problems

I want to download a video that is not from YouTube

You will need to download our software to convert videos from other websites